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4:05pm Congressman Ron DeSantis of Florida and Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona, are both members of the House Judiciary Committee. They are here to discuss the testimony given by Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding Russia, George Papadopoulos’ FBI testimony, and covert dealings with regard to Uranium One. This will be the third time AG Sessions has testified before the House Judiciary committee.
4:35pm Columnist and author Jeffrey Lord joins Sean to address the question: If the establishment are to hold Roy Moore accountable for alleged offenses, when will they hold their own establishment insiders (Clintons, Kennedys’ Dodd) accountable for their proven actions?
5:05pm News Roundup/Information Overload Hour: Sara Carter, investigative journalist, joins Sean with breaking news on Fusion GPS and the promise of more investigations to get to the bottom of the infamous Dossier and the truth behind who was involved in this corruption.
5:35pm Burgess Owens, NFL Super Bowl Champion and author of the new book, LIBERALISM: Or How To Turn Good Men Into Whiners, Weenies & Wimps joins Sean to give us his perspective on GQ’s decision to nominate cop-hater Colin Kaepernick as their citizen of the year.