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4:05pm Republican Party Whip Congressman Steve Scalise joins Sean to discuss the news on the tax plan.
4:35pm Katie Hopkins, of the Daily Mail UK, our friend from across the pond, joins Sean to discuss terror, the liberal left wing media, and the impending Harvey Weinstein indictment.
5:05pmET News Roundup/Information Overload Hour: Jonathan Gilliam, host of The Experts and Geraldo Rivera, FOX News Legal Analyst, debate and discuss the 1 year anniversary of President Trump’s victory and the liberal media outrage that persists even today. With democratic wins in states that  are known to historically vote blue, is there a renewed concern for the control of Congress come 2018?
5:35pm Sara Carter, journalist and investigative reporter at the forefront of this Uranium One discovery, and Victoria Toensing, partner at the law firm DiGenova & Toensing, join Sean to discuss the language of the Comey memos about Hillary Clinton, the meeting with Russian lawyer Vesselnitskaya with Donald Trump Jr. sandwiched by meetings with Fusion GPS, and what options are available to the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.