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4:05pm Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice (and Counsel to the President) joins Sean to discuss the President’s remarks in South Korea last night. Jay will update us as well on the investigation into Fusion GPS, and the role played by complicit ‘journalists’ to spread lies.
4:35pm Congresswoman Diane Black joins Sean, she is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and wants to discuss the tax plan proposal by the Republican Party, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
5:05pm News Roundup/Information Overload Hour: Dr. Sebastian Gorka, was an integral part of the Trump campaign and administration, he joins Sean on the one year anniversary of President Trump becoming our 45th Commander in Chief. He will comment on the address last night in Seoul, South Korea which is positioned 35 miles from the highly fortified border with the North; Trump addressed South Korea's National Assembly.