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4:05pm Nigel Farage, UKIP European Parliament Member, Fox News Contributor and leader in the Brexit movement, terror in America, follows a pattern that the UK and the rest of Europe are all too familiar with; how does Farage see the weakness in our nation’s borders and leaders as a factor in these results? Farage also takes a look back at a the year in review for Trump, as this week marks the one year anniversary of the day President Trump was elected. Farage was a big part of the President’s campaign.
4:35pm Ed Gillespie, former RNC Chair and counselor to President Bush, Gillespie is running for Governor of Virginia in a state that typically leans left.
5:05pm News Roundup/Information Overload Hour: Greta Van Susteren, former host on Fox News and MSNBC, has a new book out Everything You Need To Know About Social Media (Without Having To Call A Kid) - she stops by to talk about this book and the news of the day.
5:35pmKris Kobach, Vice Chair of the newly formed Commission on Election Integrity, is here to bring out the truth behind fake ballots and voter fraud, and the diversity visa lottery.