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4:05pm Bill McGr?oarty, Retired Lieutenant with NYPD, worked 10 years in the Counter Terrorism Unit and Patrick Poole, National Security Correspondent for PJ Media, give us an intel perspective on the terror attack in NYC yesterday. Is this the beginning of a pattern on the United States? What signs or warnings were there that this attack was coming? And why was the NYPD surveillance program on the mosque that the attacker attended, forced to end?
5:05pm News Roundup/Information Overload Hour: Freedom Caucus Chairman, Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina, and Freedom Caucus Member Congressman Dave Brat of Virginia, who is a former economics professor, are here to talk about the budget passing, the tax bill, the details of which are expected to be released this week, and what the American people can really expect before the end of the year.
5:35pm Bill O’Reilly, conservative figure and author of “Killing England” gives us his perspective on Harvey Weinstein, the culture of depravity, false accusations and the damage it does to victims trying to speak out, and the political correctness that brings terror attacks to NYC streets.