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4:05pm EXCLUSIVE: Sara Carter of Circa.com joins Sean to break a HUGE story. Sara has been working tirelessly for months to get to bottom of Uranium One, a deal which implicates the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Now, Sara has completed her first release on her findings, and it’s a bombshell of dirty dealings and lies, which benefited everyone but the American people. Joining her is Victoria Toensing of the DC law firm DiGenova and Toensing, to discuss the legal ramifications of this bombshell, as well as John Solomon of The Hill.
4:35pm Former Speaker Newt Gingrich joins Sean with analysis of President Trump’s remarks with Mitch McConnell yesterday.
5:05pm News Roundup/Information Overload Hour: Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is outraged that yet again establishment Republicans in the Senate are more interested in hurting the President than helping the nation. Senators Graham and McCain have served over 30 years in the Senate, and sadly their agendas have changed. It’s not about America for them anymore, it’s about special interests.
5:35pm Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends joins Sean to talk about her new children’s book, out on October 17th, Through Your Eyes.