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How the Moves Shaped the League

Throughout this NBA offseason, fortunes and futures have changed as players have moved around and teams have bolstered or weakened their chances at a 2020 NBA Championship. The most recent trend seems to be towards a two-star model, as we move away from the controversial “Big Three” Era. Whether it be Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in Brooklyn, LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Lakers, or Kawhi Leonard and Paul George on the Clippers, the balance of power has changed and become more balanced across the league.


There are no fewer than eight teams who now have legitimate reason to see themselves as championship contenders, with a few more slightly on the outside. What that means is that for the first time in perhaps at least a decade, there appears to be true parity in the NBA. It feels like an eternity since we have not gone into the season, realistically, knowing who will likely be crowned champions, and as a fan all this does is create more excitement. 


There appears to have been a real change in mentality as well, from “let’s team up to win titles”, to “let’s team up to beat those other guys who are teaming up”. It feels much more competitive. And you know the pairing of Russell Westbrook and James Harden in Houston will be as competitive and hyperactive as any in the league. What a fun season this will be, and we can’t wait to watch it unfold.


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