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Credit: Dana TrippeThe Killers guitarist Dave Keuning has announced the release of his debut solo album. It's called Prismism, and it'll arrive on January 25.

Our first preview of Prismism comes in the form of a single called "Restless Legs," which you can download now via digital outlets.

"The lyrics speak for themselves," Keuning says of the track. "'Got restless legs/And a restless heart,' that’s just what came pouring out of me. It was all I could think of...No other subjects came to mind. It was all I had. The beauty of the words is they're open-ended enough that you can relate them to your own situation."

Keuning will play a batch of U.S. solo tour dates next month in support of Prismism starting November 6 in San Diego.

In addition to his solo work, Keuning is "still actively sending in song ideas for the next Killers album," according to a press release. While he contributed to the most recent Killers release, 2017 Wonderful Wonderful, he chose not to tour with the band in support of it.

Over the summer, Keuning made a guest appearance during Smashing Pumpkins' 30th anniversary show.

Here's the Prismism track list:

"Boat Accident"
"The Night"
"The Queen's Finest"
"I Ruined You"
"If You Say So"
"Restless Legs"
"Pretty Faithful"
"High Places"
"Broken Clocks"
"Gimme Your Heart"
"Stuck Here on Earth"
"Hope and Safety"

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