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Bushnell-Prairie City Spartans vs Farmington Farmers Preview

The Bushnell-Prairie City Spartans will travel to Farmington to match up against the Farmers in a conference game tonight (Jan.14) at 7:30 p.m.


The Spartans have been on a roll as they are on a 3 game win streak on the road. The Spartans truly showed their dominance last Friday (Jan.10) as they beat the Astoria/VIT Rebels 60-28. The Rebels have not had a good season thus far and have a record of (0-14). The Spartans took advantage and they now sport an 8-5 record.


Now the Spartans are pushed to 4th place in the Prairieland Basketball standings. The Farmers are not trailing far behind being 7th in the Prairieland Basketball standings. With the Farmers having a 7-3 record, this matchup can be challenging for the Spartans. This will be the first time both teams meet up this season. The game tonight can determine who moves up in the standings and who goes down