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FOOTBALL: Rushville-Industry vs BWP Preview
The Rushville-Industry Rockets will head to Bushnell this Friday, September 14, for a
matchup against the Bushnell-West Prairie co-op. The Rockets are looking to bounce
back from two consecutive losses to Knoxville and Farmington.
Rushville will be looking to keep its high-powered running attack going this week, as it
has been the driving force behind the start of this season. The attack is spearheaded by
running back Manny Garcia, who has carried the ball 44 times for 347 yards and 3
touchdowns through the first three weeks of the season.
“The keys to our success will be simply executing our plan,” Coach Lafferty said of his
team’s approach this week, “Playing hard, and most of all blocking and tackling. I also
think the team that wins the turnover battle will have a good shot at winning the game.”
Rushville will also be looking to stop the running attack of Bushnell-West Prairie, who is
coming off of a game in which they ran for over 100 total yards in a win last week
against Havana-West Prairie.
“We are looking forward to the upcoming game with BWP. I have a lot of respect for
Head Coach David Roddis and his staff,” Said Rockets Head Coach Brian Lafferty, “His
team will be well coached and prepared for this game. My previous experience as an
assistant coach was under Coach Roddis, he remains a good friend to this day.”
Rushville comes into this one 1-2 while Bushnell-West Prairie comes in 2-1, so it looks
to be a pretty even matchup on paper. The kickoff at Bushnell is set for 7 PM.