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Staying Physical: Rushville Industry @ Bushnell/West Prairie Preview


In tonight’s turf battle Bushnell West Prairie takes on the Rushville Rockets. Bushnell West Prairie gleams at home after coming after a strong showing against Havana/Midwest Central beating them 28-13.


Bushnell took Havana to the races, their ground game was looking elite with 4 rushing touchdowns gathered by the Sparclones. Rushville Industry comes into this game with a record of 1-2. The Rockets hope to get back on their feet after two crushing losses back to back. They were blown out in both games, the first game losing to Knoxville 46-14 and then against Farmington 38-6.


Coach David Roddis of the Sparclones was reached for a comment for his upcoming matchup. He said “We are treating this game just like every other week. Each game has importance on our schedule if you want to be in the postseason run. That being said we know that this Rushville team [today] will be ready to play.


Coach Lafferty will have them coached up and ready go and we will need to have a good game. We cannot have bad segments of the game like we have in the past couple games and come away with a win this week or the weeks to come. We need to clean things up and stay physical.” Bushnell will be at home for tonight’s game against Rushville Industry and will start kick off 7 p.m.


-Goalburn Reynolds LSN