Macomb Local News

Mayor Mike Inman extends an invitation to the community to join the City/County leaders at 8:15 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 9 as they gather in the Macomb City Hall Community Room to sign a resolution that reinforces the community and county’s commitment to inclusion and diversity.


The resolution will be signed by Mayor Inman, McDonough County Board Chair Michael Cox,

WIU Interim President Martin Abraham, McDonough County NAACP President Byron Oden

Shabazz, Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lauren Merritt, MAEDCO

Executive Director Kim Pierce, Jan Rockwell of the Interfaith Alliance of Macomb, Kelly

Ingersoll of the Macomb Area Ministerial Alliance, Macomb Area Convention, and Visitor

Bureau Director Jock Hedblade, Macomb School Superintendent Mark Twomey and Regional

Superintendent of Education John Meixner. The signing will take place at 8:30 a.m.


This is a time for residents to come together as a city. This will be a chance for the county and community leaders to demonstrate that the community and region, is dedicated and committed to all of our residents, friends, and guests. There will be no more hatred and prejudice, and we will ensure that we have a welcoming, inclusive and diverse community.