Macomb Local News

GALESBURG -- Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) will tour B.D.i Screens Monday morning, Dec 2, at 10:15. 


B.D.i is a local manufacturer of wedge wire screens that are used in the agricultural industry and is located at 1255 Monmouth Boulevard, Galesburg. All of B.D.i’s screens are custom made and manufactured using stainless steel. Congresswoman Bustos will have the opportunity to hear directly about what’s on the minds of the hardworking employees in the 17th Congressional District. 


Later at 1:45 p.m, Congresswoman Bustos will venture to Rock Island to participate in the “Cheri on Shift” at Wear-Cote International, a local provider of plating and machining shop services. Congresswoman Bustos will have the opportunity to tour the facility and assist with parts that need plating. This will be the 98th  annual “Cheri on Shift” job-shadowing an event she has held since becoming a Member of Congress. This event will be located at 101 10th street, Rock Island.