Macomb Local News

Macomb, IL—A Resident of Muscatine, IA was arrested by Macomb Police after a traffic stop turned into a drug bust.


According to a story posted by Emily Manley on WIU News 3, 55 year old Penny Gipson was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over by Macomb Police for having a loud muffler.




During the stop, police found meth in the vehicle belonging to Gipson. Upon her arrest, Gipson confessed to law enforcement that she had additional meth hidden in her undergarments. Police retrieved the stash and an additional 13.2 grams. Later in the stop, police found brass knuckles in Gipson’s purse. 


Gipson was charged with unlawful use of a weapon, delivery of meth and possession of methamphetamine and is currently being detained in McDonough County Jail.


The driver was charged with driving on revoked license and not having a muffler.