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Roadway safety is an important issue for our society because rates of crash fatalities have jumped up 11% since 2013. This is a concern for our nation despite some state roadways being dangerous than others. 

Media Relations Specialist, Jessica Zaffino, and the Esurance team uncovered data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Zaffino reported where the dangers were most prevalent and how improvements can have a great impact once finished. 

For the state of Illinois, some significant results found by Zaffino and the Esurance team include:

  • Between 2013 and 2017, the state’s crash fatality total increased each year 

  • Almost 1,100 lives were taken by fatal car crashes in 2017 

  • The #1 cause of Illinois traffic fatalities was speeding (42.2%) in comparison to DUIs (Driving Under the Influence) (27.3%), distracted driving (7.2%), and drug-related crashes (3.8%) 

Although Illinois is not one of the most dangerous states for roadway crash fatalities, the state is not the safest either. Zaffino and the Esurance team wants to bring awareness to roadway safety nationwide to protect drivers and cause a decline in traffic crashes. 

For more information on the study, click on this link