Macomb Local News

MACOMB - This Sunday, July 7th, Macomb residents and other local customers saidgood-bye to the Macomb Family Video store as it will be the company’s last day of service. The stores closing was sudden to its customers and employees. According to The McDonough County Voice, the store was given a two weeks notice that verified the store was being removed. Desirea Stewart, employee at Family Video, explained to the MCV that the store did not seem as if it would be going out of business this year. 


    “We are constantly busy… We’ll get a little slow around lunch, but after people get off work, they are here shopping around,” Stewart Said. 

    The corporation informed the staff about the close down of the Family Video in Beardstown, IL, which is about an hour away. Stewart claims that she did not sense any sign of closing from Corporate for our area. 


    As the Family Video comes to a close, the town is preparing to see a remodeling and opening for a new Dollar General. All employees of the Macomb Family Video were granted the opportunity to work for the new Dollar General, yet there has not been any news of the store’s hiring, remodeling, and opening processes. The Family Video Corporation highly believes that those employers will be the first in line for positions. 


    The store had plans for the future to increase revenue with promotions and adding additional products to its collection of movies and other entertainment disc. These ideas were cut short just before they were aware of the closing. This Sunday was a sad day in Macomb for loyal customers, showing us the signs that the movie rental market is slowly on a decline.