Macomb Local News

Spoon River College was recognized by a survey that ranks the best Online community colleges in the nation. The rankings include a nationwide Best Overall Community College ranking and 38 state-specific rankings, featuring a total of 423 schools. Spoon River Ranked #18.


Since 75% of online college students live within 100 miles of their school’s campus, the 2019 Online Community College rankings by state are an especially valuable resource for prospective community college students (1). Many students may choose to stay in state because of tuition discounts, familiarity with the school, or flexibility for classes that may have hybrid, in-person requirements.


Northwest Iowa Community College (IA) topped the national list with a score of 96.85%, followed by Bismarck State College (ND), and Foothill College (CA). The state with the most community colleges that qualified for the rankings list was North Carolina, with 35 schools.