Macomb Local News

Mayor Mike Inman of the City of Macomb announced that the Inselhaus property on 538 N Randolph is a new Historical Site.


Inselhaus, German for island house, now has a descriptive plaque which displays its history on the east side of the property. The house was first built by Lumberman Frank and Ida Blount in 1902. Ownership of the property eventually shifted into the control of Karl and Dorothee Gossel. The couple originate from the German island of Fehmarn and restored the property in Macomb according to original blueprints, while also making it their own. Inselhaus received this unique plaque after being accepted as an applicant of the Historic Residential Home Plaque Program.


“The hard work of the Gossels has not gone unnoticed. Today we are celebrating the efforts of Karl and Dorothee to keep Macomb beautiful and rich with history.” said Mayor Mike Inman. “We value the grit and polish that Inselhaus represents; and encourage other property owners who feel their property has a historical significance to Macomb to apply to the Historical Residential Home Plaque Program. The Macomb Historic Preservation Commission has chosen a deserving applicant, and I’m excited to see more historical sites in the future.”


In 2017, the City of Macomb collaborated with the Macomb Historic Preservation Commission and the McDonough County Historical Society to initiate the City of Macomb Residential Plaque Program. The goal of this program is to recognize and increase the awareness of historic places in Macomb. It does this by identifying homes that have a rich and significant history here in Macomb through their location, architecture, materials, and historic association. This Residential Plaque Program currently recognizes up to four applicants a year.


For further information about the Historic Resident Home Plaque Program or the Macomb Historic Preservation Commission please visit, or the Office of Community Development at City Hall.