Macomb Local News

The Macomb Rotary Clubs collaborated with Lincoln Elementary School (Macomb School District #185) to bring the Accelerated Reading program. The Accelerated Reading program is computer-scored and uses comprehension quizzes to determine whether students have read a book.


The teachers collaborate with students to set personalized reading practice goals based on students reading levels. Students can select books within their reading range, read independently, and then take the short-computerized comprehension quizzes. After each quiz, educators and students are able to see progress toward reading goals.


“The accelerated reading program is vital for our students in our community to meet the goal of enhancing their reading comprehension, language, vocabulary development, and general knowledge,” stated Kristin Terry, President of Macomb Rotary Club.


The Macomb Rotary clubs received a Rotary District #6460 grant to help with reaching their goal to help start the Accelerated Reading program in the community.


President of Macomb Centennial Morning Rotary Club, Ted Renner, is glad they could help. “One of the six areas of focus for Rotary is supporting education and I saw this opportunity to make a difference.”