Macomb Local News

Pella Corporation announced in a release today that a "significant amount of its 250 Series Vinyl Window production," will be transfered to Macomb, starting in Fall 2018. 


The increased production, which comes Murray, KY operations facility being at capacity with floor space and labor force, is expected to add a boost to the West Central Illinois economy and the Pella Macomb payroll. 


“We will be hiring approximately 100-120 new team members, adding three production assembly lines and an insulated glass production department,” said Kyle Recker, plant manager at the Macomb Operations.


The transfer makes sense for Pella, as the Macomb operations facility offers approximately 50,000 square feet in available floor space. The release also noted that the Macomb location has a favorable labor market for hiring, due to West Centrall Illinois having an unemployment rate above the national average. 


“Moving production to the Macomb community will provide a substantial impact throughout the West Central Illinois area, and further fuel Pella’s current growth momentum,” Recker said. 


Hiring in the Macomb operations facility will begin this summer and transfer of production is set to begin in the Fall of 2018 and will phase into place until early 2019. For more information visit,