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Illinois has a serious problem with synthetic marijuana tainted with rat poison. But it is not a statewide problem. 
Eleven of the state's 102 counties have reported a single case of severe bleeding linked to synthetic marijuana. 
Chicago, Peoria and East Peoria have seen the bulk of the cases. 
"Most of the cases that we've seen have been in the Chicago, Cook County, and collar county area," Melanie Arnold with the Illinois Department of Public Health said. "As well as the Peoria County area."
The IDPH's numbers show that the city of Chicago, and Peoria and Tazewell counties account for more than 100 of the 120-plus bleeding cases in the state.
Arnold said the department and the Centers for Disease Control are focusing their efforts in those areas. 
"The Illinois Department of Public Health has sent people to the Peoria area to work with the local health department," Arnold. 
Arnold said that while most Illinois counties have not seen a case of bleeding after using synthetic, the IDPH is warning everyone across the state about the dangers of the fake pot. 
Three people in Illinois have died from smoking synthetic marijuana.