Macomb Local News

The Macomb Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has announced its endorsement of Nick Petitgout for McDonough County Sheriff. Petitgout, who currently serves as the Chief Deputy to Sheriff Rick VanBrooker, is one of three Republican candidates that appeared before the Macomb FOP prior to the decision being made. This comes with the primary set for March 20. 


In a press release from Macomb FOP President Derek Wiley, four main reasons were given for the FOP's decision. The reasons were: the FOP's current working relationship with Chief Deputy Petitgout, his BA in Law Enforcement from Western Illinois University, his training and service as a Marine, and the fact that Sheriff VanBrooker selected Petitgout to be his Chief Deputy in the first place. 


The Macomb Police Department and McDonough County Sherriff's Office work together in a variety of different areas, including drug cases and burglaries.