Macomb Local News
Yesterday, Governor Rauner signed an executive order that created a new agency in Springfield. To better serve Illinois residents, the state's information technology functions will be turned in to one agency called the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology, or DoIT. The Governor has hopes that this new agency will save taxpayers hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars over time. When revealing this new agency, Rauner said that the mainframes the state had been using were outdated and inefficient. 
"And it's one of the reasons that our audits take many many months to complete, and are filled with hundreds of millions of dollars in accounting errors. It's wasteful for taxpayer money. It's ineffective inefficient government, and we've got to change it." 
-Bruce Rauner, Governor of Illinois
The state currently spends about $800,000 a year for information technology, and in addition to making this number go down, Rauner says that DoIT will make interactions easier, both for citizens and for government case workers.