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The Governor's Office is proposing a plan to redistribute MAP Grant funds, while many students are up in arms about the loss of their financial aid. During a press conference from the Invest in Higher Education Coalition, students form many public and private universities talked about their reliance on Monetary Award Program, or MAP grants, and said that lawmakers should release the funds. 
"They've only got, really, one source in which they can change the revenue stream very rapidly, and that's tuition. Students eat the brunt of that."
Mitch Dickey, University of Illinois
That's Mitch Dickey, student body president at the University of Illinois, who talks about the lack of state funds having a direct effect on students for the past several years. The state is still in a financial hole, though, and Republican Representative Tom Demmer has said that each university is going to have to work to find savings in the absence of state money. 
"Look through contracts, look through supplies, look through some of the bigger items in the budget." 
Tom Demmer, Illinois Representative
The Governor's Office has released a memo saying that the path for funding these MAP Grants, and utilizing other tax money for higher education, would be to tie tax dollars to spending reductions or cost-saving reforms at universities.