Macomb Local News

Many Republican leaders in the Illinois General Assembly want an independent authority to take over Chicago Public Schools, saying taxpayers deserve better. Moving forward with this idea, a plan was proposed yesterday that would put this independent authority in power and give them the tools to force Chicago Public Schools into bankruptcy, if necessary. John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute commented on the proposal saying that CPS is not only failing financially, but it is failing as an educational medium, and has been for some time. Nearly 400,000 students are currently enrolled in CPS schools, and when looking at some statistics, it's hard to argue with opponents to the programs. 70% of black and Hispanic students in third grade don't read at grade level, and this number only goes up as the years do. 79% of Hispanic high schoolers and 90% of black high schoolers don't read at grade level. With so many students falling behind, it's little surprise that by graduation, 82% of CPS students are determined as not ready for college based on their ACT scores. There are state legislators opposing the idea, like Democratic Senate President John Cullerton, who says that the idea is mean-spirited and evidence of a lack of knowledge of the real problems facing Chicago Public Schools.