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Governor Bruce Rauner is now in the second year of his term in office, and he hopes to find taxpayers savings in the coming year, but says the real fix to the state's current fiscal crisis is growing the economy. The Governor says that he's already implemented various efficiency measures to save $700 million in state agencies. 
"And because we've assembled such a talented team as a driving transformation in our government operations, we've been able to streamline many unnecessary costs out."
-Bruce Rauner, Governor of Illinois
Rauner also said that taxpayers could save if the government rethought how it purchases things, although he didn't elaborate on how. As for making up the budget deficit, the Governor says lawmakers should be pushing for pro-growth policies. 
"What we're going to try to do is negotiate with the General Assembly to get structural reform so we can cut more costs and also grow our revenue through economic growth. Rather than increase tax rates, get more revenue by growing the economy, that's the real push."
-Bruce Rauner, Governor of Illinois
Because lawmakers failed to pass a balanced budget, court order and consent decrees have the state on pace to spend $4 billion more than it expects to bring in this fiscal year.