Macomb Local News

Western Illinois University recently announced that they will be, for the time being, banning the use of hoverboards on the WIU campus. These hoverboards, essentially a small Segway without the handle, have been growing in popularity recently, first gaining major traction on social media sites like Vine, and have since caught the attention of many young adults around the country. These hoverboards allow you to roll around, at a pace no faster than a brisk walk, but have still been linked to some major issues. Despite the obvious injuries from falls or misuse, many models have reportedly had problems catching fire, due to a battery malfunction. WIU is not the first school to ban these devices, either. In the state, hoverboards have been banned at the University of Illinois and Eastern Illinois University. Nationwide, many schools including Louisiana State, the University of Iowa, and the University of Arkansas have banned hoverboard use in some way.