Macomb Local News
With taxpayers being on the hook for nearly $113 Billion, one idea to fix the pension crisis is to go directly to the source, and change the state's constitution to address the problem moving forawrd. Republican Representative Tom Morrison says that there could be an amendment to the state's constitution that would allow for already earned benefits to be kept in place, but to amend any future benefits moving forward. 
"With the state Supreme Court striking down Senate Bill 1, it looks like amending the state's constitution is the way to go to just clarify that we're not trying to take away benefits that have been earned up to this point."
-Tom Morrison, State Representative
Democratic Representative Elaine Nekritz discusses an even more drastic step in making an amendment to remove the pension protection clause altogether, but that may not solve to overarching problem. 
"Because other states have no constitutional protection in their state constitution. I've tried to do the kind of things we tried to do in Senate Bill 1, and they've been struck down under the federal contract's clause."
-Elaine Nekritz, State Representative
Any proposed amendment to address the growing unfunded liability for public sector pensions requires three-fifths approval from voters.