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3:35pm Joe Bastardi of Weatherbell.com joins Sean to report on Hurricane Irma, where the storm is headed, and if there is any change in its strength or trajectory. Also, what is the status of Hurricane Jose directly behind Irma?
4:05pm Former Speaker Newt Gingrich joins Sean to reveal a new project he is working on, an online course called Defending America. The courses are available in video format, and will arm Americans with facts to defend against the left’s attempts to fundamentally transform America.
4:35pm Sara Carter of Circa.com joins Sean with another bombshell story, exposing the corruption and bias inside of the FBI.
5:05pm News Roundup/Information Overload Hour: Maria Elvira, a Cuban-American journalist and broadcast TV presenter, who has worked for CNN, Univision and Telemundo… and immigration attorney Francisco Hernandez, join Sean to discuss the uproar over DACA.