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  • Regional Media Movie Review The Last Word

    Shirley MacLaine is a national treasure. Sure, I don’t like several her films but when she’s good, there are few better. Don’t believe me? Watch “The Apartment” and th...

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  • Regional Media Movie Review The Belko Experiment

    If you like mindless splatter and especially if you like exploding heads, “The Belko Experiment” is the movie for you, if not the movie for me. Though pretending toward a satire of life...

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  • Regional Media Movie Review Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast stars Emma Watson as Belle, a peculiar young lady in a small French village, prone to reading while walking and daydreaming about life outside her quiet little town. When her f...

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  • Regional Media Movie Review Mean Dreams

    The passing of actor Bill Paxton naturally led to a great deal of praise and reflection as the universally beloved actor was remembered across the media landscape. He may not have looked it but Pax...

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  • Regional Media Movie Review Kong Skull Island

    A seemingly undiscovered island is about to be invaded by soldiers and scientists on a mission of discovery. It's the cold war and America wants what is on Skull Island before the Russians get thei...

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