Macomb Local News

The University of Illinois Extension is set to highlight an emerging crop market. Hops, though traditionally grown in the northwest can be successfully cultivated in the midwest. With the continuing to emerge market of home brewers and new breweries across the midwest the need for Hops is growing fast. On July 14th the University of Illinois Extension is set to host "Growing Crops for Homebrewers." Hosted by Extension Small Farms and Local Foods Educator Grant McCarty, the event is actually a two day event that begins with an educational talk with Grant at the University of Illinois Extension Office at 3022 West Jackson Street from 6 Pm to 8 Pm. That talk will be followed the next day, July 15th by a tour of the Hallowed Hops Field Day at the Hallowed Hops Farm near Lewistown. Separate registration is required for each event. You can attend Grant McCurdy's talk by clicking here. And if you would like to tour the Hallowed Hops Farm and get a hands on look on what it takes to grow Hops you can register for that tour by clicking here. If you need additional information about growing Hops or attending these events in July contact the University of Illinois Extension at 309-342-5108.