Macomb Local News

A Fort Madison, Iowa woman was pulled over for a traffic violation and ended up under arrest on multiple charges related to methamphetimine possession. According to a release from the McDonough County Sheriff's Office, 35 year old Jodi L. Koepke was arrested on Wednesday night after she was pulled over by police for a traffic violation. Upon stopping Koepke Police found that she was driving on a suspended license. A subsequent search of Koepke's vehicle then turned up Methamphetimine, syringes, a glass pipe with Meth residue, several rounds of ammunition and an assortment of prescription pills. Koepke was arrested at the scene and charged with multiple counts including methamphetimine possession, possession of syringes, drug paraphenalia, unlawful possession of ammunition, driving while suspended and speeding. Koepke is also facing an outstanding warrant for her arrest in Washington County. Koepke is currently being held in the McDonough County Jail awaiting disposition.