Macomb Local News

Many workplaces might be short staffed today because employees across the globe are taking today off to speak out about the plight of women. It's A Day Without Women, part of International Women's Day, and rallies, marches, protests and special events are being held to bring attention to issues such as gender equality while touting the social, economic, cultural and political successes of women. Women are being asked to skip work, shop only at women-owned businesses and wear red today. 

Seong-Ah Cho with Fair Economy Illinois calls it a show of solidarity.

"It's an opportunity," she said. "Millions of people are waking up to what we can do if we actually focus on not just resisting but actually fighting for the vision of the future that we need."

Marches and rallies are scheduled across Illinois today, with the larger events in Chicago, Carbondale and Springfield.

Cho says it's a plea for politicians such as President Trump to find the root cause of inequality and take steps to rectify it.

"What we would need is a global minimum wage that would start to lift women and workers out of the kind of poverty and the exploitation from corporations and Trump's pro-corporate agenda that's been going on before him but is getting worse under him," she added. 

Cho says people are becoming more politically active than ever, making themselves more aware of what's happening in the news, and taking action by participating in rallies and marches. She says it's not just about women's issues either; it's about inequality in general.